Hm, no there's no Target or Walgreens in Canada. I'll look around to see if I find some.
And about the pigeon friend, I'm a pigeon rescuer, in fact - today is the anniversary of getting my first pij, two years ago. So of course, I chill out with them a lot. Eventually, they get used to you (I don't know how they don't find it weird that I kidnap their injured friends), and there you have a pigeon friend! I do anything from a quick syringing to surgery.
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That is just about the coolest thing I've ever heard of! What a great thing to do to help animals!
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"Right now I'm wearing a 'Darn-I-Went-To-Bed-Without-A-Scarf' and later I'm gonna try a 'Salvage-This-And-Try-To-Look-Presentable.'"