Magnesium glycinate to treat and prevent migraines. The cheap mag from the drugstore doesnt work since it's not absorbed well into the body. You can take it orally, use magnesium oil and/or take baths using magnesium chloride flakes. Mag is a natural relaxer and a natural calcium channel blocker. most everyone is deficient. Mag has changed my life!! I uses to take 40mg Flexeril daily and now I no longer need it. My head doesnt throb several times a week, my muscles arent agonizing...all because of mag.
Migraine headache

Magnesium Prevents Migraines

The Migraine-Magnesium Connection at
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I read through the articles (thank you!) but I'm confused. I didn't see the Magnesium glycinate mentioned. I saw magnesium lactate and magnesium citrate mentioned in the articles.

I also saw Coenzyme Q10 mentioned, I bought some but never really took it.

What exactly do/did you take? Thanks!

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