elizard - you and i seem to have very similar hair properties, though my hair definitely doesn't look like your cat. so i am interested to hear that your hair likes protein - i did the hair analysis and they told me to stay away from protein. i have always tried it with a DT with less than fabulous results, so maybe i should try alone. it's so hard to tell somehow whether my frizz is due to dryness or overconditioning . . . how do you even tell? thanks!
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Yep my hair analysis said the same thing. Luckily I had already been using them so I knew protein worked for me. That's why I don't trust the hair analysis that much.

So it might also have something to do with personal preference of how you like your hair to look and feel. I like my hair to feel strong and dry. I cannot stand the soft coated feeling some products give my hair.

You will definitely be able to tell if your hair is overconditioned. It feels soft bordering on greasy and won't hold curl well.
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