I believe the thread is not about name calling. It is a discussion of whether a texturizer or "softener" is the same as a relaxer. The answer is YES. Check the ingredients yourself if you don't believe the chemists who posted here. So you relaxed your and your child's hair only you that product is not left on long enough to become straight. If you like your hair better then I'm happy for you although IMO such chemicals should not be used on children under 12. I also have major shrinkage but have learned to reduce it. No chemicals needed. but that I accept and respect that everyone has different opinions. Good luck
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I agree with you to the fullest when i first became natural i was on here for help and support. I actually stop coming because of how rude some people on here can be. At the end of the day every1 is entitled to their opinion. There are just some people that sit at the edge of their sit @ home waiting for someone to post something they dont like then they all gang up on that one person and start bad mouthing. The way i see it misery loves company. Some people are so pathetic. Its a form of cyber bullying and its sad.

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