While perusing the science fiction section at the bookstore this lady walked up on me and started to chatter at me.

Woman: "OMG, I love your curls, who did your perm?"

(this was after the Steve Martin/Bernadette Peters movie 'The Jerk" had hit the theaters and spiral perms were all the rage because of Bernadette's hair)

Me: "No one - its naturally curly"

Woman: "Are you sure it isn't a perm? Natural hair does not curl like that"

Me: "Yes, I am positive it is not a perm - its just my hair and curling is what it does all by itself"

Woman: "Oh come on, really - tell me who did your perm, please?"

Me: "Okay, fine, God did my perm"

At that point I just spun on my heel and stalked off

3a/3b w/low porosity, medium density, baby fine, long, and mostly silver in color