Generic Value Product Conditioner (compare to Paul Mitchel "The Conditioner"). Dried my hair on contact--felt brittle and terrible. Applied to my wet hair, trying to use as a leave in after washing. I had no clue what was going on.

Lo'real Eversleek Sulfate Free shampoo--I might try it once more, but the one time I used it on my hair, my hair felt hard as soon as I put it on my wet hair in the shower.
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And the GVP conditioning balm is NOT comparable to Biolage. I tried my sisters today....the consistency, look and behavior are not the same. Biolage is sooo much better.

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Wtf, GVP?! Are any of those products good? I wonder if the real Paul Mitchell would have worked, but the GVP put me so far off, I never want to try it.
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