A lowpoo is a shampoo that has a "gentler" surfactant--rather then a sulfate. There are certain lowpoos that can be as harsh as using a sulfate. Unfortunately, it's all trial and error. Some cleansing conditioners contain mild surfactants, like coco b. It's all what the manufacturer wants to call them.

The point of cowashing is to cleanse your scalp by using friction, rather than a surfactant. Some people feel they need to use a little more, on occasion, so they lowpoo.

I started using natural soap bars to cleanse when they were the rage on nc.com about 4 years ago. For me, they were just enough to use the residual ingredients from the really rich products I use. They aren't enough to remove chemicals or a few other ingredients my hair doesn't like (mineral and castor oils.) For that, I need a lowpoo with a stronger surfactant, or a sulfate.

You have to find out what your hair likes.

It takes a while and you have to read, read and read some more. Eventually, you'll "get it." It's confusing in the beginning, but it does get better!
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