Don't sweat it - your curls are gorgeous.

I used to work with a guy who would tell me my hair looked better straight, but that's his opinion & I'm fine with that. Funny thing is that when I wear my hair in its naturally curly state, I'll get random compliments from absolute strangers. That has NEVER happened when I've worn my hair straight, so I agree that I think it's probably because people just like something different . . . it's not an insult or slight against your ringlets.
Hair Type: 3A/3B; natural color; mid-back length.
Shampoo: Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus (2 - 3 times/week)
Fave Rinse-Out Conditioners: HE Hello Hydration; Yes to Blueberries; GVP Conditioning Balm;
Styling Routine: Squish-scrunch product /conditioner into soaking wet, upside down hair; plop for 10 minutes, air dry. (Diffuser dry front section.)
Fave Styling Products: KCKT; Tigi Curl Amplifier Creme; Batia & Aleeza gel; Giovanni Sunset Styler; LA Looks Sport Gel.