Aw shucks! Thanks.

It's funny you mention ombre because I've been thinking whether I want to try that in December or not. On the other hand, I am trying to grow my hair and I don't want to damage the ends! Decisions, decisions....
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If you choose to ombre just use semipermanent dye (the kind that washes out over time)
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It's a lie made up by the hair-dye companies, it never really washes out (semi-permanent ;p) my advice is DON'T BLEACH! really...just the fact that they used chlorine bleach as a weapon of war during the second world war would be enough to dissuade one..I have a friend who has bleached and dyed her hair to the nth degree, and seriously. Her hair looks disgusting. But she still does it. It's like an addiction or something. I mean, it breaks off and looks like sticks and is very sad
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It is an addiction and even ppl with their natural haircolors want to change it up lol, im waiting for my ombre to grow out because I want ny natual color thank GOD ombre is in because my hair color is literally half way down my hair lol but honestly the semipermanent color will wash out maybe not COMPLETELY BUT it will I have 2 friends who used it recently due to the fact they wanted something less damaging and I mean once you chemically treat your hair or anything of that nature your hair isnt gonna be 100% the same as it was before