My stash just now looks like this:

Shampoo - Moogoo (health food shop)
Carol's Daughter hair milk (strawberrynet)
Tesco's anti-dandruff (Tesco! Sent by my parents)

Conditioner - Tresemme Naturals (Coles, Priceline, Foodland, whoever has it
on special)
Aubrey's GPB (iherb)
Yes to tomatoes (Priceline, but I don't like it)

Leave-in - CJ's Beauticurls (Curlmart)

Stylers - CJ's CIAB (Curlmart)
Joiwhip (hairhouse warehouse)

As you can see I don't buy much on ground here, never seem to find much that I like so I probably haven't been much help!
3b in South Australia.