I used to hate the SM Souffle until I found out from other reviews I was using too much. Most users seem to overuse it and are therefore not liking it. Trust me. This is the bomb! Same curl definition as with KKCC but cheaper and, I agree, more tricky. I only need 1 tbsp plus 1 1/2 tsp on my 4a hair. Hair is short but may be midway my neck if relaxed. Just so u know if you need to adjust the amount. I used it on soaking wet hair right in shower using a wall mirror. No need to use a leavein. I finger rake it through hair and then shake hair to loosen the curls. Hair will dry with a bit of hold but way less than KKCC.

I also like the Moisture retention shampoo and the milk, and the smoothie which to me is the most moisturizing curl definer. Does not define as well a the souffle but it is. It bad.
I am half half with the conditioner; and I don't like the masque which for me lacks slip.