I was wondering the same thing. These looked good, and they're cheap enough that it's not a risk.I like the curves on the teeth, which seem like they'd encourage curl.

Scunci Jaw Clips 37220-A - CVS pharmacy

Anyone try something similar? TIA!
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In my quest to find something similar to the Frizzoff ones, I've tried those Scunci ones (both that smaller size and the larger octopus ones), as well as some that seemed like they'd be the same thing. (The irony, of course, is that I spent all that money because I was trying to save money and not get the Frizzoff ones!) The Frizzoff ones really are better; there is something about the spring on them that gives just the right amount of pressure to create "umph" and spring to your hair/roots.

I found two ways that seem to work best for me as far as using them. The first is to diffuse part-way, then add them to my roots as I let my hair air-dry the rest of the way. The second is on second- and third-day hair; I add them to my roots for about ten minutes after I shower and while doing my makeup, and they lift my roots. I like them so much better than clipping the Deva way!

I've also tried rolling up my hair in them like Jonathan does on the video, but that hasn't worked for my waves.

Sorry to be an enabler, but they really have worked well for me!
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Watch this

Btw have u tried the product she used in the video? Curl keeper