What is in a henna melt? What brand did you use? I experimented with the idea of henna fluff but ended up with a creamy mixture because of the addition of honey. I posted photos on my blog. I've also read something on Mehandi.com about a henna gel. I believe they added pectin to their mix.

I suffered from extreme dryness after henna until I added honey to my mix. That seemed to make a big difference. In addition, I always co-wash afterwards. Sometimes with cones, sometimes without but my hair is always softer afterwards.

I've also noticed that my hair doesn't like Jamila or Nupur. I've henna'd so much over the year to cover gray I stopped up one of my tubs. LOL
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Njoi on etsy makes a henna melt. It's a combination of henna, cassia, herbs, cocoa butter, acv and cocoa powder and honey + some other stuff, I think. You mix it hot water and a conditioner. Super easy to apply.