Definitely avoid humectant ingredients.Stay.Away.From.Glycerin. Also,many gels seem to contain it: Ecostyler, Fantasia, etc . Other humectants include honey, propyl glycol, and castor oil. Glycerin is the #1 worst though. Some solutions are sealing with butters, heavy oils, and serums after moisturizing your hair thoroughly

Living in the sub-tropics is one of the hardest places to live in if you are a curly..IMHO. I live in the southeast US, and it's very humid here all year around. Here we are in mid-November, and the humidity is still high.I've tried many oils and butters but they're not strong for the weather here. I now personally seal with petroleum/mineral oil based products,after moisturizing, since they stop the moisture of the humidity from sabotaging my hair. Works for me at least, regardless of how tabooed it is to use them..
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