So I saw the bloke last night. We went to grab dinner at this place in town. I invited my closest girl friend cause we have both have new beau's and have been squealing back and forth like little girls. they got along well. She thinks we make a cute couple. This is a first for me. I haven't had a dude meet a friend of mine in forever!
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That's good to hear. I've been wanting one of my closest friends to meet my dude but timing never worked out. So she finally met him in a group (before we all went out for Halloween). I can tell she doesn't like him . She told me later that she liked my ex better than him which doesn't make any sense because she only met my ex twice real quick when we weren't together. She also told me she feels that he is controlling which he is definitely not.

I have a feeling she is upset that I don't give her all my alone time anymore. I had another friend later also tell me that she though my ex was controlling and I know she was jealous/upset that I didn't party with her alone all the time anymore. The thing is with current friend, I have tried to invite and include her in everything I do with bf(and I mean group events so she doen't feel like the third wheel) and she never comes.

Also in the beginning whenever I'd talk/gush about current dude, she would completely ignore what I said and ask about a guy in Orlando I was previously crushing on (who I actually had no physical contact with but she met him when I met him that first night). I guess I don't understand why she was so fixated on him for me and not who I want or like. She told me recently that she's worried I can't handle a guy with kids but I seem 'set' on him. What does that even mean? Yes I'm totally heads over heels in love with him, we are exclusive, I am not talking or seeing other guys, so I guess that means set. Why is that bad? I don't think she's worried about the kids, I think she just doesn't want me to be with him for whatever reason. And it could be because the Orlando guy is her sorta bf's friend and she liked him. But that guy is a pro nfl player and I don't like their lifestyles. I know my Orlando dude is not like that but most of his friends are so that was sort of a negative in my book but I didn't tell her that, we just have very different taste in men and what is or is not appropriate in relationships.

Sorry for venting. It's been bothering me and obviously caused a bit of an emotional rift between me and my friend.