Iroc, you sound like one of my friends, *when it comes to it's clean but I keep cleaning*. She works in a hospital lab and she will sanitize her kitchen counters 7 times in 30 minutes She will not stop cleaning, and you have to make her (as in hound her to) sit down relax for a second.

It took 6 years for her to stop washing every wall in her house once a week. She slowly worked her way to once a month.
Originally Posted by Fifi.G
I used to clean my toilet daily. I've cut back. I also wipe my stove and countertops several times a day. Even if I haven't used them.

I'm sitting here now looking at my perfectly cleaned baseboards. Loving it.

My kids have had such a bad cough, so theyve been doing the bathroom steam thing. Once the bathroom get completely steamed up, I start wiping down walls. Great chance to clean! LOL

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