For me taking care of my curly hair is a lot more costly than when I use to wear my hair straight. I didn’t have to do much with my hair when it was flat ironed but I find that now that my routine has changed and my ideas about healthy hair and embracing my curls have changed I find myself spending more on products.

At first I tried many products that I researched and my mom is really into curly hair products so she gave me some pointers but it took a while to find things I really loved that worked with my hair and routine. I buy products with and without certain ingredients and products that do different things along with a stash of oils which is all rather costly. My monthly cost isn’t that much because it takes me a while to go through the products that I purchase and I use them all up before I purchase more unless I really don’t like something but the amount I spend and the amount of products I have has increased substantially. The most I have spent on a single small jar of deep conditioner is $50.00 but I really like it so I buy it when I need to. I don’t mind spending a lot of money if something works for me and I have a range of expensive products and cheaper products that I like.
Sometimes the price of certain products also depends on where you live. I sometimes go to NY to shop.

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