Also, I noticed my hair reacts to differently to some proteins. I noticed that with silk proteins, my hairs feels really soft and smooth, but limp and almost mushy. It feels nice, but my hair would barely hold a curl. With wheat proteins, my hair feels really strong, almost stiff but makes my hair curlier. What kind of protein is the gelatin treatment? It was weird. The first time it made my hair really curly (something I've been striving for since my hair is curly when wet but loses it while it dries) and kind of rough and stiff. T
o experiment, I did it a week later (Too soon? I'm not exactly patient.) and my hair was curly again while wet, but when it dried, it was so soft and smooth, but limp and perfectly straight. Is this protein overload or did I need to clarify first (someone suggested that.) or do I actually need more protein (it felt like overconditioned hair.)?

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