Being 50 years old now and having had curly hair all of my life, I have had my fair share of hurtful comments regarding my hair. However, the one that seemed to hurt me the worst - and the one that I remember the most clearly came from my then boyfriend's, (now husband of 32 years), step father. I had never met the man before, and I have not seen him since as he was murdered shortly after I met him...

Anyway, I had spent the better part of the day mucking out my horses stalls. It was a muggy, hot humid summer day in Dallas and I am sure that I looked like total crap. I knew that I was dirty, sweaty, smelly, and tired. My boyfriend pulls up at the stables with this man in the car with him and pops out saying, "Hey! I wanted to introduce you to my dad - we were out this neck of the woods and decided to stop by to see you" The man took one look at me, started to laugh like a loon and said, "whoa girl, your head looks like a brillo pad - you need to work some baby oil thru that mess - and you need a long hot shower, too, because you stink!"

Perhaps he thought he was being funny. I, on the other hand, was completely crushed and mortified. Seriously, what kind of grown man says something like that to a 16 year old girl he has never met before??

3a/3b w/low porosity, medium density, baby fine, long, and mostly silver in color