I can't imagine ever leaving a salon with WET HAIR!? To me, you should leave the salon ready to go out to dinner, on a date, etc. It's kind of a rip off to leave the salon with "incomplete" hair. I would also think its not good for the salons image, to have clients leaving with an unfinished hair do.

Curly hair in particular looks really different when its dry, so how can you know that you got the look you were seeking? If my stylist did this, it would be a big no-no for me.
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I just got my hair cut again last week. She started drying it and then said "oh, do you want me to dry it?" I said yes. She dried it for a few minutes and then with my hair still VERY damp, she showed me the back with the mirror. I said it was fine and left. With driving home and finishing it with my dryer it only took a few more minutes. But if I'd been going out instead of going home, it would have been totally unacceptable.

She's a nice girl and my cut is satisfactory for a reasonable price but this kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
Still better than following my old stylist downtown, paying twice as much plus hassling with parking.