hey guys,
im new,
but just wanted to tell you my experience and if anyones the same?
ive been trying the CG method for about two weeks so stil real new to all this stuff but i love it
so i c0 washed my hair today and put some new products in to see if the products helped, they didnt, in fact they made hair oily, dirty , gross and limp
so i decided to wash my hair with a sulphate free shampoo( dont know if i should of or not , but i did)..anyway i wasnt even stopped getting the shampoo out and could already notice and feel the difference, my hair poped up straight away into nice almost curls not waves..
is this normal?( altho im not complaining)
also i wondered how often would u sulphate free shampoo your hair?..like shampoo( not co wash)?
just wondered all ur opinions?