I finally just made my own with coconut oil and some essential oils. I have some trouble with acne, so it has some tea tree and rosemary. Used about a cup of melted coconut oil and about 7 drops of each, and put it in a container with a lid that I got at the craft store. Coconut oil melts easily, maybe 30 seconds in the microwave on 75% power.

My skin has never looked better, seriously. My acne cleared up and all my dry patches are gone. My skin tone looks a lot more even, too, and the scaly patches in my eyebrows disappeared.

I made one for my hands, too, but I don't like it as much. I think I use my hands to much to wait for it to sink in, but I might try buying some shea butter and beeswax and remixing them to make it a little less greasy. The hand lotion has lemon and rosemary in it, mostly because I like the smell of it.
Averages out at 2b, ranges from 1c to 3a, very fine
Mane 'n Tail co-wash + leave-in
Clarifying shampoo every few weeks
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