@naturalyogini I checked out her Etsy page. That's a great idea! If you decide to continue to use henna, try to eliminate the lemon juice and ACV, and see if you like the results. Sometimes the lemon juice and ACV can promote dryness. I only use water in my henna mixes and still get dye release. Once, I used a splash of lemon juice in my mix but I really didn't see the difference in color. There may be a difference but I haven't noticed it. I gave up on henna for a little bit because of the dryness too so I understand. Always co-wash after henna, never use shampoo. I learned that from the ladies here and on henna for hair and its made a huge difference!

@greenandchic - I like your cocoa butter idea. I love Qhemet products especially the cocoa detangling ghee. I'm thinking the addition of cocoa butter in the product is what's making my hair soft. I got a little bit of cocoa butter left so maybe I'll add it during my next henna treatment. I plan on doing a overnight treatment over thanksgiving.
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