I'm desperate for some help! My curls have seemed to transformed to this loose and limp mess. My hair is usually aroubd a 3b for curl type, but lately looks like a 2a. I only noticed it within the last few months.

Hair Care:
I was using Iso products for shampoo and conditioner, and about 6 months ago I switched to Morrocan Oil. Then about 2 months ago I started using DevaCurl conditioner.

I was using Iso Bouncy Curl Creme and Iso Tamer Foam (still love this product) to style. I would leave it wet and run Tamer Foam through, then scrunch it out with the bouncy curl. I tried using Morrocan Oil hydrating creme and curl definer, but was dissatisfied with the product. Then my hair designer got in the DevaCurl product line. After beginning to use the product is when it dawned on me my curls had gone limp!

Lastly, my hair had some trauma to it around the time I started using the Morrocan Oil hair styling products. I'm not sure if it was chemical or heat (from fire/oven/stove) but the ends of my hair were fried. I cried when my stylist had to cut back the locks I was trying so hard to grow out. I've noticed there is still some damage to the ends 3-4 months later.

So I can't figure out if I am over moisturizing my hair? Taking too good of care of it? Is it traumatized from whatever fried it?

My hair has always been curly and defiant with products (I could put anything on it and it would still curl). No product at all and it was everywhere. Sleep on it wet and I would have a kinky curly mess the next morning. Now if I do nothing it's barely wavy. When I try to scrunch it with the DevaCurl AnGel and BelieveIn, it gets about a 2b/2c curl while its wet, then falls into a sad fluffy 2a.

Help me please!

-Sad SeasideCurls

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