[QUOTE=rbb;2069433]i generally prefer to leave with my hair wet, but if it is really cold out or i am going out straight from there, i diffuse my own hair with their dryer/diffuser. every place i've ever been to will allow you to do this.

she may not dry/style it to cut down on time, save $$. the cut is the important thing for me, so if you are happy with the cut, i'd stay with her and ask to use her dryer/diffuser.[/QUOT
Maybe I'll try asking to use her dryer to finish it myself. I think she just feels it takes too long to dry my long thick hair. But when I say yes I want it dried, to me it should look finished when I leave the shop.

My hairdresser always asks if I want my hair straight or curly. Usually I want it curly and if it's warm out I will leave with it wet. When it's cold she sits me under a dryer to dry it. I'm okay with this as I would rather have my hair air dried whenever possible.
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I wouldn't ask her to dry my hair straight as I think it would be more work. But drying it to the point where it looks like curly hair (not flat to my head) would be nice, esp when no one else is waiting for her.