Hello curlies! I dyed my virgin hair with henna. I just wanted to post about it here, since this is where I think I first found out about it. And I love looking at before and after pictures myself, so I figured I would add another thread.

What I did:
I mixed 100g amla and 300g with diluted lemon juice. (That was way too much henna for my waist length, layered hair in hindsight. I think I need half that much.) I let it sit overnight. Then I mixed in more diluted lemon until it was the consistency of yogurt. I applied the henna all over my hair in sections, and then I covered my hair in plastic wrap and a towel for 3.5 hours. I rinsed everything out, did a DT with curl junkie's strawberry banana DT, and then styled as normal. These are the results the first day! I love it! I may do some coffee rinses to get more of an auburn though.

Questions I have:
How long does it take for the henna smell to go away? I am cowashing and shampooing, and my hair still smells like fish food as my BF put it... -_-

How long does your henna color last? I know my roots are going to grow out, but how long does the vibrant red last? I used mehandi BAQ.

When I do the second coloring of my hair, should I henna all over, or just roots? I've heard the second application kinda seals in the color better if you do it all over.


Oh and the before pic is stretched, old hair. Not my usual curl pattern.
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