I GOT THE JOB!!!! Michigan here I come
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Congratulations! What part of Michigan?
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Man in the middle of nowhere! Closest city is Grand Rapids.

Now that the shock has worn off, some of the worries I have: They want me there by December 1. I still Am employed by my other job now and its like where do I find the time and money?????? Gots no money in the bank because my current jobs pays nothing at all. No exaggeration paid rent which is cheap and had like $70 leftover to survive for two weeks. Also now I feel bad because of the weight i have lost I only have a pair of black trousers that fit to my name, a short sleeve pink blouse and a sweater vest pullover. Totally not prepared for the weather. I have a two chinos but they are too big in the butt and waist area. Other than that no real professional tops. This is a teaching job by the way. I am still excited but now I am worried. And before anyone asks,for the situation I am in,this job is best for me because the probability of finding something in Georgia was disheartening.
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Ok - the reason I ask is because I'm originally from Michigan. My old job dealt primarily with the west side of MI so more than likely I've heard of your city. I also have a niece that lives in one of the 'burbs of GR.

I will definitely be praying/hoping you can find decent and budget friendly moving arrangements!