I've been reading more on cowashing and there seems to be two different ways people are doing it.
I"m wanting opinions on what is the best/correct way.

One is to put some conditioner on your fingertips and rub your scalp for approx 2 minutes then rinse then put either the same cond or a heavier conditioner on the length of your hair and let it set while you do the rest of your shower stuff.

The other is to put conditioner on your scalp and the entire length of hair,scrub your scalp,let it sit while you finish your shower then rinse your scalp and either thats it or apply a heavier RO for a bit...this theory lets the conditioner sit on your scalp to "cleanse" longer i'm assuming...

I use Suave when i cowash btw.

which one seems to work better for everyone or any one have any opinions on which one NOT to follow?