Hey yall!

I am being heavily pursued by an extremely attractive man who cant spell. I cant get past it, therefore I am upset. That is all.
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I am the same way. It like, hurts my life. But a lot of men don't really care about spelling.
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To the bold - Is his spelling that bad? If he's all beauty and no brains, then yeah, that would give me pause. Pick his brains - see if he can engage in stimulating conversation. Does he read? Or does he only know the latest LeBron stats? However, if he has a ton of other great qualities, I wouldn't necessarily let that be a deal breaker.

I speak from experience. My husband is very good looking BUT thankfully he's very intelligent also. Spelling just isn't one of his strengths. (I don't understand why his teachers weren't sticklers for spelling but that's off-topic.)

Hubs is an avid reader, so he's well informed about current events and even self-educated in a number of topics. By far I'm no Einstein, but I'm impressed by his knowledge of topics that I have a hard time wrapping my brain around (investments, economics, law), so his knack for spelling "spelling" with only one "L" gets a pass. If anything his spelling (or lack thereof) is now a common joke between us.
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Hi Elle!! I loved your troll video.

I think it depends on the words the guy has trouble spelling. If you can't spell "arachnophobia" we can still be cool but if you can't spell "fear of spiders" then it's over.

Remember how in junior high the guys would pass you love notes. Some of the notes I got the handwriting was so jacked up I couldn't even make out the letters to know if it was mispelled. LOL
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