Questions I have:
How long does it take for the henna smell to go away? I am cowashing and shampooing, and my hair still smells like fish food as my BF put it... -_-

I'd say it takes a week, but it depends on how often you cleanse your hair. suggests adding powdered ginger or cardamom to the mix to complement the smell. Some products also work with the smell better than others!

How long does your henna color last? I know my roots are going to grow out, but how long does the vibrant red last? I used mehandi BAQ.

Hm. I don't know what to tell you. Henna is permanent, although it does fade a little bit over time. I'd gone 4-5 months without hennaing (My hair is very dark, so I could get away with it. ) and I could still see the red in there! It had faded a bit though or maybe I just got used to it.

When I do the second coloring of my hair, should I henna all over, or just roots? I've heard the second application kinda seals in the color better if you do it all over.

A second coloring will result in a darker color, since you are adding another layer of the translucent coating. I'd say: if you don't mind going darker, go ahead and do another full head treatment. (Unless you are on a tight budget, that is.) Once it's the color you like, do root touch-ups only.

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