I really hope it's not hormonal. I finally got to a place where I accept and love my curls.

I do use a flat iron occasionally, but I have used it more infrequently in the last year or two. It is a titanium steel by Babilys (sp?) and I use GoldWell's heat protectant and KMS moisture repair before I do.

The reason I don't know if it was chemical or heat is because of the location of the damage. The damage was not just the front around my face, but even in the back - which wouldn't be consistant with fire. The fire thought was from the barbecue, but I'm just not sure. I had purchased some Morrocan Oil off of Amazon and was trying their cream and mousse with any combination of their other products. My fear is that some combination I did caused a chemical reaction that melted my hair.

My stylist did warn me after I came crying to her that buying products off Amazon can be dangerous because they can be tampered with or very old. I do have concerns that the style cream had been tampered with, because the upc code had been cut out (which I didn't notice until after use and afer trauma).

I do dye my hair and have since I was about 15. Always with the same stylist who understands that curly hair is special. She always makes sure to moisturize it and won't let me change too often. It's always so soft for the next week or two. I have an appointment Thursday with her as well. So if there are any treatments I might ask her about or anyhing I'd love that.

I can post pictures of the difference tonight when I get home.

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