Kill That Muffin Top for Beginners | Pilates Bootcamp With Cassey Ho - YouTube

Kill that muffin top

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Sculpted Back Pilates Workout for Beginners | Pilates Bootcamp With Cassey Ho - YouTube
Sculpted Back Pilates Workout

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Good Time Abs Challenge - YouTube
Good time abs
Eta: I did this one last and didn't make it all the way through, she trying to kill me.

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You've Got Abs! Flat Abs Pilates Workout Challenge - YouTube
You've got Abs

I'm kind of obsessed with her videos...because they're FREE.
Originally Posted by murrrcat
I tried cassey Ho's videos lastnight. My abs are sore and I love it. You gotta be strong to do Pilates!

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Originally Posted by B-Nessa11

yea she's intense, I get really mad at her sometimes LOL.


I like the videos because they're really short, so they help my attention span so I can do multiples and build up time, with out one long boring video.