So, I came across this article about Soledad O'Brien: Soledad O'Brien -

Yes, she's intelligent, successful, even compassionate. But then I get to page two where she says “We don’t want the hair to be the thing the audience concentrates on." Of course not. We've got important news to cover! But her stylist does say that she uses keratin straightening to "coax the journalist’s hair into behaving more compliantly".

I have no problem with women straightening their hair however they want to do it, but does that mean that my hair is misbehaving?

I'm really not surprised by this sort of hair attitude. But it kind of makes me feel that I would never be successful in TV journalism (or whatever other profession; take your pick...) because I allow my hair to misbehave like an uncontrolled, unruly child.

I'm a middle-aged woman. I shouldn't care! Right? Or... am I being overly sensitive?
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It's called assimilation. How many times have you seen a natural woman reading the news? Especially a WOC. I'm not talking entertainment or specialized news like business or politics but mainstream news. The answer is probably never. I work in broadcast news and I wear wigs to work. Nobody is frying my hair with relaxers, keratin treatments or a 450 degree flat iron!! My curly coworkers either blowout, flat iron, bkt or relax.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.