Everyone here is so helpful! Thank you all for your responses, I'm finding it very encouraging.

I did not realize that the Morrocan Oil has silicone in it. That will be my first step. I did buy the Curly Girl hand book a few months back and started with the CG method, but I don't remember reading anything about some of the techniques in the link - that will be helpful.

I have also been avoiding my flat iron since this happened. I did it once after it fried in a desperate attempt to have it look decent, but like Knotty said, it just made it worse.

Which products are reccomended for putting the moisture back in? What are DT's? And what is the supersoaker method?

I will have to see if I can find the Curl Junkie and check it out too. I haven't been crazy about any of the DevaCurl other than the Believe-In serum. I love how silky and light it is.

My hair routine usually consists of washing Mon, Wed, Fri, with conditioner every day. I usually add a little more conditioner at the ends after I rinse it for extra moisutre. I did do the t-shirt for a while, but my hair was staying too wet (this plopping thing could help), so I started wrapping my hair in a towel and letting it sit for ~15 minutes, then while its damp scrunching in either Tamer Foam or BelieveIn and ArcAnGel. Then I just let it air dry.

Any other reccomendations for my routine?

Again, thank you all so much!

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