Here is the techniques link - you can try any or all of them! lol!

Plopping works really, really well for my hair, which is similar I think to yours...
and DT is deep treatment PT is protein treatment. And usually when you give it a PT, you immediately follow with DT that is all moisture.

You seem a little more encouraged, I am glad!

ETA: I have learned from Kathymack and others here that our actual hair type (2C, 3A etc) has not got much to do with how we care for our curls...maybe you should look at your actual hair properties?
and here is a link to all the acronyms used here!
Finer, mixed with coarser strands, low-porosity, wavy curly whirly hair...3A, 2C hair. Medium thickness, medium elasticity.
S-shaped hair with corkscrew ends. My hair is even more confused than me ;p
My hair officially hates protein Once a month is enough!
Currently a fan of TiGi products, (rock on, TiGi Curlesque styling creme!) but that will soon change - I am a self-avowed product junkie! Yay!
BIG fan of supersoaker method - thanks Rudeechick!

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