Nooo, I just discovered Lolita Price on YouTube and watched her videos forever on her hairfinity updates and it convinced long as you take care of your ends, you'll see the growth. Cause one month i seen no growth and i realized my ends were breaking cause i was slacking on moisture that winter month. It varies from person to person but definitely do your research and decide for yourself. I suggest YouTube. I rather visually see it then hear about it. I've also tried Gnc hair vitamins and hair skin and nails, and neither gave me any growth. This is personally just what worked for me. I have my starting pics, i can't wait til 3 mths til now. Where I'll do my updated pics. I normally get 1/2, maybe a month. I'm hoping with these I'll have 3 inches of growth by the end of Feb. But anyways, lol definitely check YouTube.

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