All right, so this is where my hair (OR SOMETHING) starts getting insane - you can see from this thread, I had some really great hair days - then after the smoothing lotion things went down hill - tried the Rehab as a LI and got bad - thought I was OC'd

This is THE FIRST TIME i've used ANY protein in months (Scary) and I tried Nature's Gate Jojoba conditioner that has hydrolized soy and hydrolized vegetable protein but not wheat directly - felt good on my hair - slip, etc. as a condish, and then left it in with AOMM (since I'm doing everything else the same just changing out my LI, and now I have that BRITTLE DRY TANGLE

So is it the TYPE of protein or ... I can't have any protein? this is where I start to get really confused.

Sorry for all the caps, but I'm FRUSTRATED! - too!
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I am not a scientist and all I can do is tell you what worked for me, sadly - and I am hoping the *really* experienced curlies will come in here and help you But I remember reading here that those who had problems with protein seemed to react the worst to soy, wheat, oat, with the second round of offenders being aloe, silk protein, jojoba, avocado...and sometimes coconut ;p I am afraid you may have to just keep experimenting...or, follow up on your protein treatments *immediately* with a deep moisture conditioner. That seemed to work well for me after using the yogourt, and I have seen many here advise to ALWAYS follow the protein treatment, whichever one you use, with moisturizing products...maybe you can try reconditioning your hair with a moisture only product? Hth....
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I wanted to try your routine with the yogurt, etc, but I didn't have yogurt and didn't have time today.

So now should I do a curl rehab dt?

And start over? Just avoid protein and maybe do a PT with natural stuff - yogurt, egg, evoo?

Also, I think i am really PT sensitive - to most. Any ideas what protein I can use?

Do you think the homemade stuff won't make me react as bad?

Oh, and last question - what about PT in gels? I hear it doesn't penetrate so maybe it won't be bad? IDK!
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