Congratulations! What part of Michigan?
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Man in the middle of nowhere! Closest city is Grand Rapids.

Now that the shock has worn off, some of the worries I have: They want me there by December 1. I still Am employed by my other job now and its like where do I find the time and money?????? Gots no money in the bank because my current jobs pays nothing at all. No exaggeration paid rent which is cheap and had like $70 leftover to survive for two weeks. Also now I feel bad because of the weight i have lost I only have a pair of black trousers that fit to my name, a short sleeve pink blouse and a sweater vest pullover. Totally not prepared for the weather. I have a two chinos but they are too big in the butt and waist area. Other than that no real professional tops. This is a teaching job by the way. I am still excited but now I am worried. And before anyone asks,for the situation I am in,this job is best for me because the probability of finding something in Georgia was disheartening.
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Congrats to you - and you have the power to shut it down, if folks start to get too personal. It's none of my business what situation you're in.

Anyhoo, once you get settled, you gotta drive down to where I work, so we can have lunch, and shop at...SEPHORA (once you get settled in you new job)!!

Just sayin'...
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Lol thanks I am about to message you
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