I just tried Oyin Handmade Hair Dew and am really impressed. It seemed pretty mild/unsubstantial when I had it in my hands, but it provided nice soft hold to my curls. My curls feel moisturized and defined with no crunch whatsoever – and I don't see build-up on the horizon as I do with some of my other combos!

This one might be a keeper... Also, I second you on JC Nourish and Shine. Great for sealing or taming frizzies on second day hair.

ADDING: Henna was also a big surprise – it makes my hair's cuticle smooth (my ends feel as though I've gotten a trim!) and I love the color. It also gives me more curl definition, so I can use less products to style, which is awesome.
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I've been eyeing this lately. How do you use this? On its own or paired with something under and over?