I always get my hair cut and dyed at an Aveda Institute school. The students are heavily monitored by teachers who check over their work frequently during the cutting/dyeing/drying process. If you're really nervous, ask for a junior or senior, or if you've been pleased with how a particular teacher has been helping a student, ask for someone studying under that teacher when you make your appointment.

And of course, if you get a good student whose work you love, make your follow-ups with that student each time you go back until the student graduates. They love getting repeat clients, and they learn how to cut and style your particular hair type that way, which will benefit both you and any future clients with similar hair. Plus, most take pics of their work for their portfolios, and are willing to snap cell phone photos of your hair, so once you get a good cut you like, you'll have a picture of yourself with that style to bring to the hairdresser with you in the future.
2c, fine, extremely dense, color-treated, high porosity.

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