I am black and I have 4a hair. You cannot imagine the negative comments i get or remarks like "oh, you don't relax your hair?". And most of the time, it is from other black women. I get a majority of compliment about my hair from white ladies more so than black ladies. Even my own husband once tok me he was ashamed of me with my new natural hair. He immediately apologized but the remark came from his mouth and was a reflection of how he felt about kinky hair. Oh well! I don't care because I love myself and my hair, and I know I look good. O)
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You shouldn't care what others think. I stopped caring long ago myself what others think. You know what's funny is that on a few ocassions I have complimented African-American women on their curly and in some cases kinky hair. The look on their faces is priceless. And I mean that in a good way. I guess hearing it from a white male is not something they would anticipated but I guess the "who" part is immaterial. Your hair is gorgeous and don't let anyone tell you different.