^^How exciting!!! I hope you like it!

To avoid cravings, eat more protein and fats and reduce your carb intake. I don't eat any sugar or carbs in the mornings. Stevia and other sugar replacements (Just Like Sugar, Whey low) are my best friends. I don't know about you, but when I eat bread, pastries, cookies etc, I want more bready things.
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My breakfast everyday for the last 3 years had been steel cut oats with yogurt and a piece of fruit. Trying to find ways to switch it up.

I'm going no carb aside from fruit/veg. Also intensely upped my water intake as I was getting nowhere near enough water.
Marks Daily Apple has been a great source of info and I've checked out a lot of recipes in advance so that I can stock my cupboard with the basic replacements.
This morning I made little omelette muffins that were AMAZING! Yield was 6 and I'm told they freeze well.

I only have done one day so far but I can't lie and say I haven't already noticed a difference! My diet before was very carby because it's the easiest and quickest, or so I thought. I didn't have my usual nap in the afternoon when the kiddies were sleeping, and I sprung out of bed this morning and cleaned my kitchen!? NEVER would that happen. I'm excited to see how my body changes over the next few weeks.

ETA: Why do I feel like sweeteners are not part of primal eating..? Can you enlighten me on that coily?
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