I can't speak to Bumble & Bumble, but I just did this yesterday with the DevaCurl Academy. There were hair models with a whole range of curl patterns, from 2a to about 4a. What I saw was that even though the instructor and senior stylists were walking around and observing, they were definitely paying close attention and spent time with the students as needed. I felt completely at ease during the whole process.

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Hmmm, maybe I should call up Deva - I didn't see anything on their website about it but I would feel more comfortable since I'm used to them, and I know for a fact they service a lot of type 4 hair....

I guess the only way to get more stylists trained on curly hair (especially hair with as much shrinkage as 4as tend to have) is to give them experience. I don't want to be the guinea pig so thanks for being the sacrificial lamb.
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lol @ sacrificial lamb! I guess even if my hair gets totally messed up, I can say it went to a noble cause.....my hair is a martyr

The students have to learn somehow even when I was in University and doing my clinical rotations at the hospital I had to learn the same way so I should be all for it but it would still make me a bit nervous...Hair does grow back though and if the school has a good reputation and the teachers are monitoring everything closely then I think I would go for it but you should do whatever makes you comfortable.
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Hair does grow back is what I keep telling myself....mine is so curly though that the growth doesn't really show!

Well if it's an advanced class maybe the students do have some curly hair experience.

I think I'd do it personally, but I'd watch them very closely and make sure they know any reservations I have. Even though it's free I'd still reserve the right to not let them do anything I don't want.
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I will have to re-read the contract (well....read for the first time, to be honest) to make sure that I do reserve that right....

I always get my hair cut and dyed at an Aveda Institute school. The students are heavily monitored by teachers who check over their work frequently during the cutting/dyeing/drying process. If you're really nervous, ask for a junior or senior, or if you've been pleased with how a particular teacher has been helping a student, ask for someone studying under that teacher when you make your appointment.

And of course, if you get a good student whose work you love, make your follow-ups with that student each time you go back until the student graduates. They love getting repeat clients, and they learn how to cut and style your particular hair type that way, which will benefit both you and any future clients with similar hair. Plus, most take pics of their work for their portfolios, and are willing to snap cell phone photos of your hair, so once you get a good cut you like, you'll have a picture of yourself with that style to bring to the hairdresser with you in the future.
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Thanks for sharing your experience!

I'm feeling more comfortable with the idea.....apparently the curly class is only twice a year and the next one is in APRIL, lol, so I actually have plenty of time to think about it. If my hair is significantly longer in April I will probably go ahead with it....I just don't want them to chop it so short that I can't pull it back in a bun/ponytail.

4a?? Maybe 3c...some 4b??? No clue

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