Hmm, a potential progress here!

I have been doing this about two months now (not sure if I should say CG or modified CG) but still open to options since I am still experimenting one product at a time.

This morning I used my Aveeno Baby Wash/Shampoo since I was experiencing some build up (thanks hard water!) although I have been eyeing the CJDF. Conditioner is still the same although that may change soon since it seems so $$ for that small bottle (I WAS going to get Deva No Poo but didn't because of the $$ once my samples were up). Not sure if the conditioner is working for me though.

However, recent product change was hair gel (I was running low and nearly out of the sample sized gel). I went from DevaCurl light gel to Aussie Instant Freeze and used the new gel this morning. First thing I noticed was the frizz was nearly gone or not as wild as it would have been once I finished with the gel. I struggled with the frizz for a while now. So I looked up what the difference between the two gels. I have concluded that:

*Aussie Instant Freeze is glycerin free and protein free
*DevaCurl Light Gel contains glycerin and protein

The curls are still kinda blah, I've seen it curl more than that before.

Could this be that my hair doesn't like glycerin? I also read somewhere that if the curls seem to be droopy to add protein? Help me analyze this new progress?
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Current issue: Frizzy hair! Lazy curls (this has gotten better, but getting there)! Hair does not like glycerin.