Hmm, I looked at the dew points since my accident (pinky nail is better now and can comfortably use my right hand again yay!!). Looks like since mid-September to now has been below 35 while the past week or so just dropped off to around 15.

Hmm, I think the hold could be better to pull up the curls. What's odd is that the AIF says the hold is high (believe it was 3 out of 4 dots on the label). So I suppose from going light hold to what I thought was higher hold would confirm I am probably looking for a stronger hold (I also don't like it crunchy so I scrunch it out too once my hair dries). My logic is once the hair dries and the gel basically hold it in place as it dries, I would then scrunch it out. Hopefully that logic I have is correct.
2B/2C , medium, ii/iii
low porosity | medium/high density | low elasticity | shoulder length | dry climate | hard water | low dew points

Wash: DC Low-Poo
Conditioner: GVPCB RO
Leave In: n/a (searching)
Style: Biotera Curl Creme, air-dry and/or diffuser

CG since October 2012
Current issue: Frizzy hair! Lazy curls (this has gotten better, but getting there)! Hair does not like glycerin.