Being in love is the most amazing feeling. In my case, it developed over time but then one day BAM, I realized I couldn't live without this guy. And that's when I knew. When that person is all you can think about, and you just feel like a better person when you're around them, that's when you know. For me, the fact I could be 100% myself, and not have to hide anything and he still stayed and loved me more helped expedite the falling in love. We also have been able to talk and compromise on everything from when to get married to how much of our salaries go into savings to who gets to pick the houses we live in (he's in the Navy). It's just all been wonderful.
CG since Mar 2, 2012!

CoWash: V05 Tea Therapy in Vanilla Mint Tea
RO:Tresemme Naturals: Nourishing Moisture
LI: Kinky Curly Knot Today
Gel: CVS Sport Gel or Xcess Sport Hold Gel
Mouse: Pantene Curl-Defining Mousse

Product Application:
Scrunch out water with random t-shirt
Apply products
Long sleeve shirt plop.