After I posted, I found the link on the website with their e-mail address, so I wrote to them to protest the addition of amodimethicone. Amazing, I had a reply from them already -- super fast response! -- Unfortunately, the reply is very disappointing as it is simply extolling the value of silicones in haircare products. I have written back to further explain my dismay and to let them know about the "CG" method and the many, many people who have found that dropping the silicones and sulfates has made enormous improvement in hair and scalp health.

I hope others here will take the time to write to the people at Renpure about this change. Really, this conditioner (old formula) is the bomb! I have hip-length thick dry wavy hair. It is very tangly in the shower -- but if I use this conditioner, after a few minutes of letting it sink into wet hair, the tangles practically melt away and my hair is left very smooth and slippery. I was about to buy 3 bottles when I found it yesterday, as it's been hard to find, and then I saw the blasted "amodimethicone" on the label. : ( So I stocked up on "Yes to Cucumbers," which is also very good for me hair and Tresemme Naturals, which I like also. But the Renpure Originals Argan Co was my favorite. : (

Here's their contact e-mail: