When I met my husband, I knew I would marry him. I was 18 and dating an abusive man. Somehow my husband knew I was being abused and was my friend. He gave me the courage to break up with the abusive boyfriend. We talked all the time, day and night- about the hard stuff.... marriage, divorce, religion, children, etc. i wanted no surprises and there havent been any. I knew him before we married even tho it was a short time.
Loved hanging out and just being together. I could see myself marrying him and for the first time I wanted children, with him. If it werent for him, I'n not sure I would've been able to get away from the abusive boyfriend.... Which made me love him even more.
We met at the end if May, got engaged in Aug and married in October (my parents, hard core baptists, made dating him very difficult so we got married. We just celebrated 18yrs in Oct. I have never doubted that he's my soul mate. He would do anything for me and he does. I got sick early on in our marriage and it hasnt phased him. He works a lot so I dont have too.
It hasnt been easy but we are in it together.

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