I am black and I have 4a hair. You cannot imagine the negative comments i get or remarks like "oh, you don't relax your hair?". And most of the time, it is from other black women. I get a majority of compliment about my hair from white ladies more so than black ladies. Even my own husband once tok me he was ashamed of me with my new natural hair. He immediately apologized but the remark came from his mouth and was a reflection of how he felt about kinky hair. Oh well! I don't care because I love myself and my hair, and I know I look good. O)
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That must have been painful coming from your husband but I'm glad you know you look good Not that it's necessary, but I wouldn't be surprised if he comes around and starts liking or loving your magnificent 4a curls (Your hair is just gorgeous). (And sorry, but chemically straightened curly or coily hair? ... Looks and feels all kinds of wrong to me. Did it for years and what a mistake.)

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