Poema. Can you post a recent pic of your hair? From what I can tell in your profile pic your hair looks gorgeous. Also my hair is a dark brown right now, if I henna my hair what would it do for me? I am looking to tighten my curls some. I bought the alma you recommended to me awhile ago but only used it once how should I use it and what does it do again? Thanks
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Hi Crownedwisdom! Thanks for the complement. <3 I posted before-and-after pics of my latest henna treatment on this thread: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlta...currently.html

(My curls don't currently hang in front of my face my stylist suggested I try bangs last January. Never again. So now I'm growing my hair out... Faster, faster I say! )

My hair is dark brown too, so you'll notice that henna will leave a translucent red color on your hair, but won't change the color drastically. Like CurlyNikki explains on her website, it's like rubbing a red crayon on black paper: the paper will still look black, but it will be shiny and will have a red sheen in certain lighting conditions. Note that henna may loosen your curls a bit, but getting the moisture balance right usually tames this effect.

Amla is recommended to help curls tighten up. It's an acidic treatment. You can make an amla tea to use as a rinse or you can mix it up into a yogurt-like paste and apply to the hair. When I've used it it's made my curls very springy. It's often recommended to people whose curl pattern has loosened after several henna treatments.

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